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We are still looking for a home!

March 25th 2015

We're still homeless!

It's been a tough 6 months since the Firecracker girls and Infernos boys lost our home venue but it hasn’t stopped us pushing onwards.

After losing Hoops it left the three bouting teams of the league (The Crackers, The Infernos and The Flaming Noras) with just one single 90 minute session at The Park Leisure Centre - a drop of about 8 hours of practice time! This was at a critical time for the club as all the teams had been working hard to improve their games and The Crackers and Infernos had made massive improvements in terms of European rankings.

In spite of gaining lots of media interest at the time and chasing up as many leads as we could find, we are still without a venue suitable to host games. We were successful in finding an interim training venue in the form of The Canteen and have gained extra time at PLC, so we have been able to re-start another Newbie programme and continue team training. However the space just isn't big enough to lay a full track and we certainly couldn't host a game there.

So this leaves the team once again appealing to the local community and the wider derby community to help us find a new venue. Ideally we need to find an area of 108ft by 75ft. This would allow us to lay a full size track and play games. There are lots of empty properties in Barrow and we’re looking to find a new venue and rejuvenate one of those.

In spite of the difficulties, our teams have still been pushing forward and The Crackers have continued their rise in the rankings, moving up about 20 places since the loss of our venue - just showing the sort of dedication and determination the league has to put Barrow in Furness on the European Derby map.

The men have also plenty to be looking forward to in 2015, next month they’ll be playing in their first British Championship game and later this year they'll be representing in the Men's European Championships hosted in Newcastle in July.

The whole league has to say thanks for the support we’ve had off the Derby community and especially from Rainy City Roller Girls who have allowed us the use of the fantastic Thunderdome for our home games of The British Championships.

Anybody with suggestions for a suitable training venue is asked to contact the team via email on