Barrow Infernos Roller Derby Team based in Barrow in Furness - MRDA affliliated

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Infernos first British champs game

April 18th 2015

Barrow Infernos V New Wheeled Order - British Championships Tier 2

British Champs logoThis was a big game for us playing an established and well disciplined team like NWO. We knew we had to dig deep for this and it was something we discussed beforehand. The game was tough, we coped and we still managed to work together as a team. Even though we lost the game, I was immensely proud after the final whistle (I even took a minute on my own to sit and digest the performance). I was genuinely chuffed to bits for the lads, they deserved some recognition for the recent struggles we've had as a team and I believe they got it. For me, this was the best 'team performance' I've experienced during my time as captain and I hope it carries on! There was a few star performances for us but I can't praise the lads enough. It was a great team effort by all. As always, thanks to everyone for the support and thanks to Doh & Weeble for putting up with us. #believe
SkidMark - Inferno CaptainSkidmark

The long awaited first British Championships game for the Barrow Infernos took place in Nottingham yesterday. Hosted by The Super Smash Brollers at their first rate venue, The Infernos made the long journey South for a rematch with New Wheeled Order.
We have a good relationship with Manchester Roller Derby, having played both Chaos Engine and New Wheeled Order previously. In our last game with the gents from NWO we were beaten 228-73.

The game started tentatively, with both teams weighing each other up and not many points being scored as jammers chased each other down. The penalties came thick and fast too with the jammers from each side taking trips to the penalty bin.
Jam after jam the score went back and forth, with no more than 5 points between us until the last 6 minutes of the first half. NWO stretched the lead in the final moments of the period, ending the half with a 19 point jam. The halftime score was 83-50 to New Wheeled Order.

The second half started in the same vein, with NWO picking up point after point, and The Infernos unable to catch a break. NWO manage to increase score to 108-50 before Jardemon finally got us back on track picking up 3 points. After a couple of no score and low score jams, Fish got a sweet 10 point jam bringing scores to 108-66.
Barrow got their act together and gained a few more points on the board, closing the gap a little, but NWO still had a decent lead 137-83.

Then it was time for the magic to happen, relatively new Jam hero, Duke of York, smashed through the Manchester wall gaining lead. Barrow’s defense managed to keep the NWO jammer in check, recycling him over and over. Meanwhile, the Duke made 3 scoring passes getting 15 desperately needed points; this lit a fire under Barrow and the rest of the game was very much dominated by us. We were awarded power-jam after power-jam, giving us the advantage, and letting the points roll in, and with 1m39s left on the clock the score was 142-115.

At the end of the penultimate jam, the NWO jammer tried to apex jump past the pack, but made cDuke of York Jammingomtact with the extended arm of Fish, gaining a misconduct penalty, meaning Barrow started the Final jam with a power jam, and 2 NWO blockers in the bin.

A 27 points difference and 2 minutes to make up the deficit was a hard task, but not impossible. Skidmark gained lead within seconds of the first whistle – chasing down a fast moving pack. He swiftly caught up for his first scoring pass, gaining 5 points. The pace of the pack made it hard to catch and burned through the time perfectly to get the NWO jammer out of the bin. Skidmark gained another 4 points before Scooby Zoom was approaching his scoring pass. Barrow called off the jam with Scooby getting 2 points.

The final score was 144-128 to New Wheeled Order.

Awards for Barrow
SkidMark Most Awesome Jammer - DynaMo Most awesome Blocker and The Duke of York gained Most awesome achievement award!!!Alien Al V Jardemon