Barrow Infernos Roller Derby Team based in Barrow in Furness - MRDA affliliated

Men's roller derby team


Are you interested in joining us?

Read the information below and if you like the sound of joining our community then you can email to get details for our next intake!


Roller Derby is a fast paced, full contact, tactical sport. Our club has skaters of all ages (18+) and almost all of us started without being able to stand up on wheels! Even if you don’t like the sound of playing a full contact sport you can join our referee crew which keep us all in check!

Our club is going from strength to strength, with our Male and Female teams playing all over the UK in the newly formed British Championships. We are an active, friendly, diverse and FUN club.


Our newbie programs have been refined to teach everything you need to know, right from the basics, through to playing roller derby safely and confidently. It’s not easy, but is fun, and it’s definitely worth it!

We can usually lend you the equipment you need to give it a go!

Our newbie intakes will start right from the basics, teaching you:


  • Falling safely
  • Slowing down & stopping
  • Turning

    We’ll move on to move advanced skating techniques:


  • Skating backwards
  • Skating faster & stopping quickly
  • Stepping and jumping

    Then we’ll teach you Roller Derby:


  • Skating in a pack
  • Blocking and hitting
  • The rules and strategy


We ask that you: attend the weekly newbie session, be willing to buy your own equipment after a few weeks when you get hooked (approx £150) and that you are willing to put up with some aches and bumps whilst you learn to skate! It is worth it Take a read of some of our latest newbie testimonials.


To all those thinking "Is roller derby for me?" "Can I do THAT?" I just want to say you will never know unless you come and have a go.

I can honestly say that I have had all the fun in the world going through the Firecracker Newbie Programme. I am not gonna lie to you, it is hard work and you will be pushed all the way but fully supported by an amazing coaching team. After each session you will be amazed at how you and those around you have moved forward.

Last week with my Newbie Team I passed my minimum skills, I don't think I have felt such a sense of achievement in a long time. The congratulations flowed from all the other League Members who were as excited as we were for us to be stepping up.

Come along, give it a go and see what you can achieve!


It was my nine year old daughter’s fault that I got involved in roller derby. She went to a birthday party at the Park leisure centre and some of the parents decided to have a go.

It was like riding a bike, I was hooked again, and it had been 30 years since I was last on them. We started coming to the roller discos and then I got asked by some of the people there if I wanted to join the roller derby team. I had no idea what roller derby was, when I looked it up I loved the idea of it. Because of a previous back problem I did not think I would be able to play but they convinced me to try the training and become a ref.

Training involved quite a bit of falling but also the satisfaction of learning a new step or move. At the end of some sessions I went home thinking I would never be able to master it, the next session it just clicked and I did it. I went to roller disco to practise the moves we were shown in the training sessions and just to get more confident on my feet. The more time you can spend on skates the better.

As my skating skill has got better and my fitness levels have increased my back problems have improved. Originally I was only going to be a referee but now I am going to play derby. This has been a massive achievement for me and I am still smiling from passing my minimum skills assessment. From not being able to hop four years ago to jumping over cones on roller skates is quite an accomplishment.

One of the moves I seem to master first was the T stop. About four people mentioned how gracefully I carried out this move early in my training. When I was trying to think of a name my husband came up with T stop-her. Like T stop and stop her combined. As I like the T stop I went with that as a name.

If you like the sound of it then email: to get details for our next intake!